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Welcome to drumming workshops for schools. We deliver the very best in educational,  cultural drumming workshops for primary and secondary schools. Our team of international touring artists are made up of some of the leading tutors currently in the country. If its a quality, educational, musical and cultural workshop experience you are looking for then you have come to the right place.

But don’t take our word for it, try one of our workshops. You’ll like what we do so much…… You will keep coming back….

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About us

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At drumming workshops for schools we have over 15 years experience in designing and developing cultural education programmes for schools. We specialist in the development of percussion based workshops and activities that young people simply find irresistible.

We are not ‘just another workshops company offering drumming for schools’. Our team of artists and project managers have developed their workshops skills over many years and perfected their delivery methods so we can communicate effectively with young people in any setting. These skills have been developed actually on the ground, working with young people both in the UK and internationally. Our tutors are highly creative, flexible and skilled workshop facilitators and educators. This makes sure that whatever workshop package you book is delivered to the highest standard insuring a fun-filled , cultural and musical experience for students and staff a like.

As well as workshops in schools our tutors have also developed some of the most exciting and ground breaking social programmes in the UK. Through percussion and the arts we have developed several high profile national and international programmes of work that have helped to strengthen communities and help disadvantaged young people reach their full potential. These projects have included Meninos do Morumbi (UK / Brazil), Future Leaders(UK) , Global Grooves(UK), Bangdrum CIC (UK), Cabasa Carnival Arts (UK), Juba do Leao (UK), Exodus refugee arts partnership (UK) and Musicians Without Borders (international) to name a few..

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Samba Drumming Workshops

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Drumming workshops for schools offer exciting and educational Brazilian Percussion workshops perfect for any primary or secondary school event. With the Brazilian World Cup 2014 just around the corner how will you celebrate your schools sports day or music week? We have spent the last 15 years designing and developing cultural, musical and educational workshops programmes for schools specialising in the many styles of carnival drumming from Brazil with samba drumming workshops as our specialty. Through this process we have also made links with some of the leading dance, carnival arts and culture workshops companies in the UK often working on combined programmes of work to make your Brazilian celebration extra special and bring a slice of Brazilian carnival to your door step. To find out more about how we can help you develop your Brazilian world cup celebration please contact us!

African Drumming Workshops

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Following extensive study in North Africa, West African and Europe the ‘Drumming Workshops for Schools’ team are well equipped to deliver percussion workshops in many different African traditions. Our tutors team have specialisms is styles form North Africa, West Africa, East Africa and South Africa and are renowned for their skills as professional performers in these style throughout the globe.  All of our lead artists also have extensive experience in the development and delivery of African music workshops and programmes for primary and secondary schools.  All this combined experience makes us perfectly placed to help your school organise an exciting cultural adventure in African percussion.  Through our extensive network of artists and cultural organisations we can also offer dance, carnival arts and instrument making to help make your African celebration extra special!

Indian Drumming Workshops

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Drumming workshops for schools can offer workshops in Indian Drumming, our team have studied Bhangra percussion in India and Pakistan and can offer workshops for groups of up to 30 young people. Bhangra drumming workshops are an excellent way to learn about the south Asian music traditions and in addition and excellent way to explore basic music theory such as reading and writing simple musical phrases.  As well as Indian percussion workshops we can also offer Bollywood dance and music workshops so you can develop your own Bollywood celebration in your school.  As business relationships and communication continue to grow at a dramatic rate now more than ever should we be considering how to communicate with our international collegues more effectively. Through understanding musical cultures and traditions we can use this as a vehicle to understand and develop a deeper more meaningful relationship with people from around the globe. Contact us for more on our cultural workshops and projects.

Junk Drumming Workshops

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In 2012 our team helped to put together the UK’s biggest recycled carnival performance ‘junk jam’ as part of the Manchester day Parade.  This award winning carnival presentation has helped to inform our ‘Junk’ and recycled music workshops for primary and secondary schools.  Using entirely recycled materials our junk music workshop use paint tins, giant barrels, tubs, shopping carts and just about anything else we can get our hands on to help build up a bank of sounds to create a recycled orchestra. This Junk Drumming section can also be accompanied by string instruments and blown instruments for young people who already play violin, brass or reed instruments. Our expert percussionists and musical directors will use this bank of sounds to help the workshop group create and new and exciting piece of music and demonstrate what can be achieved with recycled materials. Trough our networks of leading carnival artists we can also offer recycled carnival arts and costume making, dance and theatre around pre-designed themes to complement the music and animate the costume as well as instrument making sessions. Contact us for more information!